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Hello, world!

Writing to you from the melting London). Heatwave arrived and stayed for a while keeping the temperatures over 30 degrees in 5 days in a row (^^) and breaking the record for the hottest day in June since 1976 (!).

For those who live in the warm countries, this should be an ordinary thing. And though I am originally from the land with dry and hot summers by myself. Trust me, it’s different here). Is it because I’m not adapted any more or the thing is in humidity, or my age in line with the temperatures :), I don’t know. In any case, we tried to use it for maximum. I just masked myself with SPF over 50 (which I never did before and even didn’t think about this previously :)). Probably, just comes the moment when you understand there’s need to care. About your skin and comfort.  And here what did we do 🙂

Cupcakes picnic in rose garden. Being inspired with this idea on a breezy day yet in spring, we didn’t quite manage to implement it all together (as it was so hot, guys, remember:)).

So here we made cupcakes:

IMG_4057_edited1And here was rose garden:

IMG_3736_editedAnd here we put picnic blanket:
IMG_4143_editedWell, will wait when it cools down).

Sunbathing. Who said you can’t get good tan in England). If to wake up quite early, sun beams stream exactly in house, creating the improvised sunbed. And if to use a bit of imagination, you can almost see yourself lying on a terrace of a five starred hotel 🙂

IMG_4192_editedWarm evenings with candles. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day when the heat finally goes down and you are having a meal in the shadow of some olive trees. Well, olive trees didn’t grow up at our place yet, but lavender is in full bloom:)

IMG_4240_editedThat’s it, guys! While everybody is hoping for some cool relief which is expected to come for the nearest week. Will see, how it goes.

Enjoy summer days whenever you are 🙂


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