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Hello, world!

As I’m writing this sitting on our tiny but precious to my heart terrace (or more exactly, large windowsill with opened one-step balcony), the plane is leaving the line in unusually blue as for London sky, sun is shining, light wind is blowing into my hair, and even the neighbour took out his opened-roof BMW for once in a while ever, taking into account all the time we live here.

Sun is bringing the feeling of a lazy summer weekend to London and passers-by don’t hurry up anywhere, constructors stopped their endless works and went for a ride by themselves, there’s just a wish to lie somewhere near the pool and drink rose from South of France.

Nevertheless, only work is what keeps London spinning, kilometres need to be run, all pokemons – caught and the dream work – earned. And yet in some time this moment will pass, it will be necessary to get up and go do something, and Monday will come, requiring the speed of reaction and actions.

But now it is a Sunday afternoon, French kids go with ice-cream, a man passed wearing a straw hat and groceries delivery driver chats with somebody online.

Carpe diem, guys! Enjoy the moment and have a relaxing weekend!


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